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Diamonds – Edible Large Gems Crystal Clear 13 mm

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Diamonds – Edible Large Gems Crystal Clear 13 mm


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Product Description

Diamond (Crystal Clear) Large Edible Gems – 10 MM – Edible Isomalt Gems . Approximately 10 per bottle.

These are ready to use. This is a sugar product and as such can be affected by humidity or moisture from your hands, which can cause them to cloud over.

Diamonds/gems must be stored in the glass vial container so as not to spoil the clarity.

Try not to touch them directly with your hands: it is advisable to use tweezers when pacing the diamonds/gems onto cakes, biscuits and other foods.

If the diamonds/gems become cloudy, brushing them lightly with vegetable oil can restore the clarity.

Further, diamond/gems are made from a low GI sugar and as such are suitable for diabetics.

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