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Black Edible Cake Shimmer Ribbons

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Black Edible Cake Shimmer Ribbons


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Product Description

Create a stunning finish with new Edible Image Shimmer Ribbons. Simply wrap Shimmer Ribbons around your cake, and let the ribbons inspire your creativity. Shimmer Ribbons work well on many types of icing, including Buttercream, Chocolate, Fondant, Non-dairy whipped topping & Cream Cheese Icing.

Features of Shimmer Ribbons
*Developed with shimmer in each design
*Looks like satin ribbons
*Completely edible product
*Do not require trimming before application to icing
*Do not need to be removed from cake prior to serving
*Created in trend-right colors and patterns
*Durable formula allows ribbons to be moved if not placed perfectly.

Application is Easy: Simply peel edible strip off the backing sheet and place on your product. Strips are created to match up from end to end and top to bottom. Use a pastry wheel, pizza cutter or X-Acto knife to trim Designer Prints with ease.

Ordering Information : Strip Size: 1″ x 10-1/2″

6 inch cake – 2 strips
8 & 9 inch cakes – 3 strips
10 & 12 inch cakes – 4 strips
14 inch cake – 5 strips
16 & 18 inch cakes – 6 strips

6 ” cake – 3 strips
8″ & 10″ cake – 4 strips
12″ cake – 5 strips
14″ cake – 6 strips
16″ cake – 7 strips

9″ x 13″ cake – 5 strips
11″ x 15″ cake – 6 strips
12″ x 18″ cake – 7 strips

All products are made in the USA and are Orthodox Union Kosher Certified

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