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Merckins Chocolate Wafers – 5 lb. bag

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Merckins Chocolate Wafers – 5 lb. bag



Product Description

Merckens coatings are a delicious, smooth and creamy vanilla flavored confectionery candy coating with no waxy taste. This coating is formulated for use in candy molds with both the novice and professional candy maker in mind. Confectionery candy coatings combine sugar, milk and vegetable oil making them easy to melt and require no tempering. We think these are ideal for creating chocolate covered Oreo cookies. If a thinner coating is desired, paramount crystals may be added.

If adding flavors or colors, use a concentrated flavor or oil-based flavor. The colored confectionery coatings have a pleasant vanilla flavor and that same velvety melt-in-your mouth feel. These coatings do not contain wax and it should not be added for dipping or molding chocolates. These coatings are not as sensitive to the high humidity and temperatures of summer However during the warmer months, it is shipped at your own risk. Ice packs are available for a nominal fee.

Note * All edible items, such as these, are non-returnable .

Certified Kosher

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Additional Information

Weight 7 lbs

Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, White Chocolate, Red, Blue, Pink, Super White, Yellow, Orchid, Peach, Orange, Dark Green, Light Green, Peanut Butter, Black, Dark Blue,


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