Merckens Chocolate Wafers – 50 lb. Unopened Case


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Merckens® COMPOUND COATING Chocolate – A Confectionery coating, also known as “Rainbow Wafer”, “Confectionery Coating” or “Summer Coating”. Merckens Rainbow Chocolate Wafers are for use in candy molds by the professional and/or novice candy maker.

Compound Coating should not be confused with ‘Real’ chocolate. Merckens confectionery compound coating has a rich chocolate velvety flavor, and may contain small amounts of cocoa butter or chocolate liquor, but they primarily contain other vegetable fats and cocoa for easier handling and faster set up.

The colored confectionery coatings have a pleasant vanilla flavor and that same velvety melt-in-your mouth feel. Confectionery coating does not contain wax, which could be a health risk for some people. We no longer advise you to add wax to chocolate for dipping or molding chocolates. Use Merckens® instead and stop eating wax!

Easy to use in wafer form. Merckens “Coating Chocolate” can also be used in most recipes that call for “chocolate” not defined as pure, real or coating.

Certified Kosher

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Weight 53 lbs

Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, White Chocolate


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