PME Luxury Cake Drip

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Comes in a handy squeeze bottle which is fitted with a piping nozzle. Simply squeeze around the top edges of your cake to create a drip effect. No need to heat or mix!

Cake Drip is available in Milk Chocolate and White Chocolate flavors both consisting of a luxury rich chocolate so your cakes look great and taste even better! Cake Drip is also great for a chocolate drizzle on your cupcakes and cookies!

Ready to use straight from the bottle

Just twist the nozzle, hold the bottle over your cake and squeeze – it’s that simple. For the best results, place your iced or frosted cake on a turntable, hold the bottle over the edge and squeeze at regular intervals as you move your hand round the cake, rotating the turntable as you go. Once all the drips are done, simply fill in the middle of the cake and then spread with a spatula to get a nice even coating.


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white chocolate Flavor, Chocolate Flavor


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