Rose Silicone Mold – Three Cavity Roses



These Molds are made with only the highest quality silicone to create molds used for a variety of mediums. The molds are very soft and flexible and can easily go from as high as 230 degrees to the freezer without affecting the mold! Unlike other silicone molds ours are resistant to rips and tears! Best of all, they are odorless and nothing sticks to them.

Sugarpaste: Fondant, Gumpaste & Pastillage How-to:

Take a piece of sugarpaste that you think will be enough to just fill the mold, knead it until it is smooth and roll it into a ball. Take a dusting puff* and dust the ball, then press it into the mold, making sure you capture all the detail and any undercuts*.

You can dust the top as you press the sugarpaste in if it begins to feel sticky. If you have excess paste after filling the mold you can either cut it off with a pair of scissors (careful not to clip the mold), pinch it off, or run a straight edge spatula across the top to remove the excess, then smooth it again.

If the mold is deep, highly detailed or has undercuts, you must place the filled mold into the refrigerator or freezer for 15-30 minutes depending on how deep the mold is to allow the sugarpaste to set firm and to make for easy de-molding.


After you have pressed your sugarpaste into the mold, you can simply pop the piece out by gently holding the mold with your thumbs on top and fingers on the bottom of the mold and flexing it out and up.

If you have placed the filled mold into the refrigerator or freezer simply remove it and de-mold, then place the finished piece on waxed paper to air dry.

* Dusting puff – fill the foot of one knee-high pair of pantyhose with a 1/4 cup of cornstarch, then tie it and cut off the excess, leaving about an inch extra at the top for holding onto.

* Undercuts – portions of the piece that are deeper into the bottom or side of the mold than the rest.


One of the most important things to remember is that you must place your filled mold in the freezer if it is a deep mold that is highly detailed, or has undercuts.

When molding any type of sugarpaste you should Not dust the mold itself because you will lose detail.

You can use shortening instead of cornstarch to keep the sugarpaste from sticking to your hands, just use a tiny amount on your hands.

You can dust, paint or airbrush finished pieces

DO NOT store your finished sugar pieces in the refrigerator.


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